Know your own territory to protect the environment

Only having the correct, accurate information makes it possible to make the best choices for managing the world we live in.

This is the principle which inspires us to choose tools and methodologies for land surveying and for digital restitution of natural and urban environment, in order to protect its land and man-made features.
STEAV performs multiscale surveys working with new, multidisciplinary technologies applied to environmental and geomatics engineering. A wide range of services for data collection and analysis, which include and assist territorial surveys, environmental monitoring, urban planning, hydrogeological risk analysis and geographic information systems (GIS).

Some examples of our services dedicated to land and environment:

  • Landslide monitoring, regularly measuring the superficial displacement and the extent of the volumes involved and designing digital models for comparison of variations along the longitudinal profiles
  • Topographical survey and scanning of glaciers, evaluating the retreat of a glacier foot (terminus) and the reduction of its area, aiming at the formulation of forecasts on the evolution of ice extension
  • Quarry surveys for estimating volumes of extraction and environmental impact
  • Landfill surveys during operative and post-operative phases, studying morphological settling behaviour
  • Path surveys for creating hiking maps and databases
  • Sewer system and drainage mapping, identifying wastewater discharges into surface waterways and potential sources of pollution
  • Waterway surveys, supporting water management planning and hydrogeological risk prevention and rehabilitation
  • Public utilities mapping to create information systems for optimizing plant and land management
Topographical Survey
Laser Scanning
Infrastructure Information Modeling
Geographic Information System